Monthly Archives: August 2015

Ubuntu touch

I’ve had mixed experiences with my Ubuntu phone. I love the operating system, but the lack of native apps is something of a problem; I had to buy a second, Android, phone just to be able to do some of the basic things that people expect from even a low end phone nowadays.

I have, though, donated my second phone to a grandchild. And I’m currently typing this on my Aquaris E4.5, which was the first commercially available Ubuntu phone. I can do this because I flashed the phone last night and it’s now running Android.

I may now have reverted to one phone, and it may also be running Android, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on Ubuntu.

Because I’ve ordered a Meizu MX4; the Linux variety. It’s a better spec phone so should hopefully run Ubuntu at a more bearable pace. The lack of basic apps will still be an issue, but I do still have the E4.5, which runs very well on Android.

Unfortunately, during the process of flashing my phone, I’ve lost all contacts (since there wasn’t an easy way to transfer them).

Somehow it all made sense last night.


I do believe that my plastering skills are improving. The wall I plastered yesterday is drying out really well.


And today’s isn’t bad.


Thankfully, that’s the last of the plastering though.

Something for the weekend

The kitchen is progressing, although I’m not expecting it to be finished sometime soon.


While I was plastering my second in command was building a wood store.


From 100% recycled wood and all by herself.


When in our local for a well earned beer, I mentioned to Phil (barman, on a Thursday) that we have a new woodshed.

He very quickly made the connection with the Divine Comedy and found Something for the Weekend on Spotify.

It was with regret that I left.


You know how it is when you want to nip out for a pint, but have to wait in for a delivery that you know  isn’t going to arrive?


My second in command wants a dog. We’ve decided to introduce one to our home on retirement. Well, it wouldn’t be fair on any creature to have to fit around our lifestyle. While the arrival of such a creature may be several years away, my second in command has already decided on a name. Hector. Apparently, she has fond memories of watching the children’s TV series, Hector’s House.



A very pleasant afternoon was spent in Durham yesterday. A visit to the Swan and Three Cygnets was compulsory, of course.





On leaving, there was something of a downpour, so it was necessary to take refuge in the Market Tavern. And the Head of Steam. And the Bridge Hotel.

And, since the rain hadn’t eased, there was a rather nice curry before the train.