Monthly Archives: July 2017


Field mice, head lice, spiders in the kitchen … 

It’s important to have a housesitter while you’re at a festival. 

He (or she) is nameless. Well, he (or she) may have a spider name. 

It’s been an inhabitant of our kitchen for a couple of weeks now. He’s (or she’s) now firmly a part of the household, though. So we could trust her (or him) to look after the house. 

Eels are, as most people who know me, aware, are my most favourite band. If you have a spare minute, have a listen to Flyswatter. 


My first shower in four days was quite delightful. Our second Kendal Calling was rather nice though. 

So nice that very few pictures were taken.

One new discovery was made though; Glastonbury’s third stage, West Holts, was the main stage at Kendal. 


Our house II

Well, a decision is going to take longer than planned. All offers for the chapel have been put to God this afternoon.

And he shall now deliberate for a few days. 

Our house

I love our little house. And I love where we live. Neither are anything special, but for many reasons we’re happy here.

And, now, we could be about to change all of that. We’ve put in an offer on an old chapel in Newcastle.

That was two weeks ago, a quick decision after a viewing. God moves pretty slowly these days, but we’ll hear today (or possibly tomorrow) whether our offer (or one of the other interested parties’) has been accepted. 

Last night, after our third visit to the chapel, we experienced our first feelings of doubt. Not about the chapel itself, or the work involved; rather, some thoughts about letting go of what we have now. Most of those (my) doubts related to the location as opposed to the building. 

The chapel’s non-standard construction, but it has something about it. And it has lots of potential. It’s in a residential area though. And, by residential, I mean houses, houses and flats. That probably wouldn’t be an issue for most people, it could be a selling point. But. 

So, we could have another, more difficult, decision to make this evening. Unless, of course, that decision is taken out of our hands. 

Door III

I have mixed feelings about the room merger, even though I know it was the right thing to do. But, from the landing, you can’t see that there was ever a second door. 

I’m quite good at this plastering malarkey.


We watched Okja this evening. Pretty moving, as expected. 

I may have a clear conscience in respect of ‘food’ (animal) production, but I found this film to be brutal reminder of the actions of my fellow ‘humans’.