Went to see Idles last night; the third time I’ve seen them live. They have to be one of the best live UK bands right now.


So, I’m not making great progress with the kitchen. I’ve built another couple of units, but can’t put them in place because they’re (deliberately) too high for the existing worktop.

This is the unit meant to hold the washing machine easily the easiest because I didn’t need to add doors or shelves.

Recent delays have mostly been down to my being distracted with the removal of an unnecessary door frame.

And, then, there was the shed. I’ve not taken pictures yet (mostly because we used the shed tonight.

New career

I’ve been involved in the Schooner for almost two and a half years. It was meant to be something of a hobby after early retirement from a proper job. I’ve reduced my share in the pub significantly, but it’s proven impossible to sever all ties. Soon perhaps.

We’ve been told that we should get the keys to the new place in the next few days. Then we’re hoping to get the place up and running in a month or so. There’s a lot to do, but we’re looking forward to it.


Almost at the end of a film on Netflix and I see my old bathroom carpet.

We’ll, it’s actually on a boat, or on a set that resembles a boat.

No not the ear, the carpet.

Yes, the carpet.

I had to pause the film to take a picture, so there’s a huge title on that last picture.

I was newly divorced at the time. Of my divorce, not the film. The carpet was free, leftover from an office refurb. Who was I to refuse free bathroom carpet.

A Divine New Year

It feels like just last year (it wasn’t; it was 2019-19) that we saw the New Year in with the Divine Comedy at the Sage. It was possibly my most enjoyable New Year’s Eve.

It certainly beat the Millennium, when I was chair bound with broken ribs. Not to mention this year.

Ok, I will, this New Year I have Covid.

Anyway, The Divine Comedy on the New Year’s Eve Graham Norton Show.

I was (very mildly) disappointed that, in the following interview, there was no mention of the Father Ted connection.

Still, a most pleasant end to a year.


Some dog pictures from pubs in Newcastle the other night. She’s possibly the cutest dog ever.

I didn’t really want a dog, but once persuaded, I wanted a pub dog. I couldn’t have asked a better pub dog; or a better dog. Life wouldn’t be the same without her.


Home from Kings Lynn, I went into the passage by the side of the house to collect a bag of firewood.

In doing so, I slipped on a bag of coal and, instinctively put an arm out to break my fall. Unfortunately, that particular arm then came into contact with a VW van front panel.

It was a bit messy, but all is now bandaged. Leaking a bit though.

Kings Lynn

We did the family stuff in Peterborough last night/today. Obviously that involved some favourite pubs. Here’s the dog with a glass of wine in one.

This evening has been spent in Kings Lynn. We particularly enjoyed the Nip and Growler.

Where the dog enjoyed a great pint of black IPA and a decent pilsner.

Kings Lynn; a very pretty place. Well worth a visit, although it’s a bit sparse on good pubs with proper beer.

Socialist dog

Our dog’s a socialist. She believes in equality for dogs.

I shan’t comment as to equality for all animals.

Cows and sheep are cute too. Ok, so they may taste nice. But kittens probably make a great kebab.

We live in a world where ‘pets’ are companions and, as such, can’t be eaten. Yet bigger mammals, of equal or greater intelligence can be served up as a burger or a kebab.

I love mg dog to bits, but I feel for the creatures murdered for human greed.