Monthly Archives: October 2017


After fitting a nasty, white plastic fitting to our new old lamp, I’ve quickly replaced it with something more appropriate. 

We’re still struggling to decide on a lampshade, but that’ll come in time. 


I attended a mate’s funeral today. It was pretty horrible, but nice at the same time. I knew, deep down, that Freebird would be played at some point. And it was. 

Right at the end. 

I can’t say more. But the world has has lost one of the good guys. 


When shopping in Asda, Peterborough, my second in command randomly declared that she needed to purchase some sowts (which could perhaps also be pronounced sowse). 

Now, my second in command has lived in the northeast for a few years, so our once occasional communication issues are now quite rare. Many attempts were made to convey the meaning of the word to me, but all failed. After a lengthy laughing session, my second in command found a way to explain the nature of a sowts. 

Bath salts. 


Town Mouse

After a few hours working in the shed, and a shower to de-muck myself, I caught a bus to town. To buy a lampshade. 

Feeling somewhat stressed after my shopping experience, I needed to find somewhere to rest and unwind. I’m now in the Town Mouse, where the landlorn embarrassingly greeted me by name. Still, I have a nice pint of Almasty pilsner. 

If you’ve not yet tried it, the Town Mouse is a great little bar (micropub), with a most pleasant owner. 

Convergence resurrected

I’ve said several times that I loved my Ubuntu phone. But we parted company shortly before Canonical abandoned Convergence, along with further updates or support. 

Since then, a couple of less ambitious ventures have set out to bring Linux to the smartphone. Sadly, nothing close to mainstream. 

It now seems that Samsung have a plan to achieve a workable compromise. An Android device which can be switched over to Linux when connected to a monitor and keyboard. Fingers crossed.