Monthly Archives: December 2017

Random old stuff

I have a fondness for old things. Furniture mostly. But I do love old brick and stone. 

Some brickwork I found in a bar in Birmingham the other week. 

And some from a bar in Leeds, on Friday. 

And from another bar in Leeds. 

Then one from today, in the garden. Stone this time. 

This one’s going to be a future project; there’s a few more hours of wire brushing first though. 


OK, I recognise that I’m a middle aged man with a middle aged man’s girth. But I have a problem. 

If I buy American branded trousers/jeans, I buy a 33 inch waist (34 leg, obviously). But if I buy UK produced (China, Vietnam, India) clothing, I mostly need a 36. 

Now, I know I’m not exactly skinny, but I’m certainly not a true 36. Hell, I even bought a pair of 36 inch trousers recently and couldn’t actually fasten them. So that would make me a 38. I think not. 

I’ve a 33 inch waist. And I’m not really an extra large kind of bloke. 

Made in Scotland

I finally gave in and bought one. A Westclox Baby Ben, which now proudly sits on the mantle. 

I may have been influenced a little by recent scenes from an episode of the Walking Dead. And, of course, by memories of a similar timepiece on the mantle of my childhood. 

I may have also bought a second. 


Last year, when a Pterodactyl pooped all over me from a great height in Newcastle, I came to the realisation that dinosaurs were not actually extinct. 

Further evidence of this was discovered yesterday in the Central. When I observed a Tyrannosaurus Rex at the bar. 

Care should be taken when in Newcastle or Gateshead.