Monthly Archives: January 2018

Hot sauce

While sorting through my box of precious things, I came across a sachet of hot sauce.

It was given to me by a man wearing pyjamas in Manchester. A decade or so ago.

A man called Mark.

Mark Oliver Everett.


Having had a fairly recent experience of almost having my keyring multi-tool confiscated when visiting Court, I’ve (occasionally) looked for an alternative which would be unlikely to be impounded.

And now I’ve found one.

It has over a thousand (well, a few) tool uses and has no blade, making it airline cabin legal. And Court.

I’ve ordered a pair, so my second in command can, if she wishes, legalise her multi-tool usage. Delivery isn’t until April, and crowdfunding items are often delayed, but the cost’s very low.

More costly was our Sound Hero speaker. It’s already three months late, but the delay is the result of design improvements.

And it’s a cool thing.

Even though I don’t recall which colour we’ve ordered.


After hearing from a few people that Pisa is something of a dump, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to seeing it. Even though it’s something that has to be done. 

But it was well worth the visit. 

And, of course, this also had to be done …

It’s not remotely a dump. Come on, I live in Gateshead. Our only historic landmark (the Get Carter car park) was demolished years ago. 


A few pictures from Rome. 

The hotel wifi isn’t the best, so I might add more pictures later. Most are on a proper camera anyway. 

I’ve only been here once before, way back in 2002 (I think). I’d forgotten how much there is to see. 

Most important of all, it’s so easy to be a vegetariana and a vegano here. 

Sam Smith

Would you believe, I had to come to Italy to realise that a Sam Smith video  was filmed on Gateshead’s high level bridge (saw the video in a bar). 

How didn’t I know that? Not that I like the bloke’s music, but I do live in Gateshead. 

The Zomboss

Last night, I watched Survivorz,  a pretty mediocre British zombie film. The acting was actually a little better than most low budget films of the genre. 

A lot of the sets were reminiscent of the now defunct Slingshot 2.8 hours later. And, near the end, it became apparent why. 

Alex Noble, the Zomboss and former Slingshot zombie trainer, appeared in a scene near the end. 

I had to move quickly, so the picture’s somewhat blurry.