Monthly Archives: January 2018

The Machine

I’m watching the Machine on BBC4 right now. A film about a mill in India.

The place is dark, wet and hot. It’s a twelve hour day for the workers. The machinery is powered by electricity, but that’s generated from coal.

While the heaviest work seems to be carried out by adults, kids are clearly part of the workforce.

The operation resembles early industrial Britain.

And it’s something of an eye opener.


Screws too small for the job and high winds, something one needs to accept when living on a hill, recently led to the external camera parting company with the wall.

All fixed now though (top right). Despite my fear of heights.

There isn’t a problem with the no video camera; I’ve not gotten around to connecting it.


Not long home from a great night with some great blokes.

We (me, Phil, Dave, Keith, Karl) went to see a band in town.

The Damned. Still singing in my head.

I should acknowledge my second in command’s contribution to the success of the evening. While she wasn’t actually at the gig, she did make a last minute dash with forgotten tickets.

Gyles Brandreth

I don’t often swear aloud, but there’s one person who’s annoyed me since the age of 14.

Gyles Brandreth.

He’s a fucker. A tory fucker. An annoying tory (no upper case T) fucker.

He’s been a fucker since I was 14. Perhaps earlier.

He irritates the fuck out of me. He once took part in a failed children’s TV show, Puzzle Party, which insulted my intelligence as a child (I fear for the welfare of younger children, particularly since there were only three channels At the time).

And, apart from his (annoying and misled) political life, he’s recently appeared as a regular on the One Show. One must ask why; does the BBC have the aim of irritating a large proportion of the UK/voters.

I may write a letter of complaint. I pay my TV license, after all.

Hot sauce

While sorting through my box of precious things, I came across a sachet of hot sauce.

It was given to me by a man wearing pyjamas in Manchester. A decade or so ago.

A man called Mark.

Mark Oliver Everett.


Having had a fairly recent experience of almost having my keyring multi-tool confiscated when visiting Court, I’ve (occasionally) looked for an alternative which would be unlikely to be impounded.

And now I’ve found one.

It has over a thousand (well, a few) tool uses and has no blade, making it airline cabin legal. And Court.

I’ve ordered a pair, so my second in command can, if she wishes, legalise her multi-tool usage. Delivery isn’t until April, and crowdfunding items are often delayed, but the cost’s very low.

More costly was our Sound Hero speaker. It’s already three months late, but the delay is the result of design improvements.

And it’s a cool thing.

Even though I don’t recall which colour we’ve ordered.