Monthly Archives: October 2014

Stocking up

As a result of an error, four tons of firewood was delivered today.


We did manage to accommodate it all though. But only just.


So, we’re almost prepared for self sufficiency in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Or other, more plausible, disaster. All that remains is to complete work on the shed brewery.

Dun Cow

Sunderland used to be a great place for a night out. In the early 80s. But then the trend for tearing apart old pubs and inserting glass and chrome, which continued until there were very few old pubs left, pretty much destroyed Sunderland as a (civilised) venue.

But then there was the Isis. Although the chav bar trend wasn’t reversed, or even stopped, it perhaps shuddered. Until now. The Dun Cow, a sadly neglected old pub was bought by the Head of Steam chain recently. And, after a little money has been spent, it looks just great.



The beginning of civilisation in Sunderland?

The cactus kid

One of the best things about being off work has to be the opportunity to watch rubbish on TV. And the cactus kid is certainly rubbish.

One does wonder when Cowboys stopped wearing big hats.



Or why they ever wore them in the first place.


I’m really not a morning person. I really don’t do mornings very well. Or Mondays. I don’t cope terribly well with those either.

And my post beer ickiness isn’t helping at all today.

Sausage rolls

I just noticed that the Linda McCartney sausage rolls, languishing in the bottom of the freezer, are vegan friendly. Food sorted then.