Monthly Archives: May 2018


Since the weather’s changed for the better, I couldn’t put off resuming work on the shed.

This wall is a lot more solid than the first one I tackled, so it wasn’t so easy to remove the inside layer of stone.

Doing a spot of gardening now.

While sitting here, a magpie arrived.

My second encounter with such a creature today. The first was this morning, when, on arriving at the tip, we saw a magpie attacking a young parrot.

An old lady and I scared off the magpie, but the parrot was unaccessible, behind a high fence. Also in the queue was a parrot breeder (there had to be), who said he’d drive back around to capture the bird.

So, the old lady and I stood guard until he returned.

Unfortunately, a girl with a stick arrived before he did. I’d acquired a towel from one of the site workers, but hadn’t used it because I didn’t want to harm the bird. The girl, however, pointed the stick in the parrot’s direction. Apparently, the bird was supposed to walk onto the stick.

It flew off. Just before the parrot professional arrived.

As I was writing this, a pair of pigeons landed on the fence. This will be their second year of nesting in our tree.

Cycling III

A longer bike ride today, down to Team Valley, then to the quayside, Ouseburn and back. Of course, we needed to stop for a rest now and again.

We rested at the Tyne Bar, the Cumberland Arms and the Cluny. We’re currently resting in the Bridge Hotel.

Crossing the high level bridge will probably be tiring, so another rest is scheduled for the Central.

Durham Road

I do appreciate advertising which acknowledges the local area. I’d imagine it’s not particularly costly, so it’s important to get it right.

For example, I’ve learned that it’s only 17 minutes from Durham Road to Newcastle.

As I say, accuracy is important. Durham Road’s quite long so I’m wondering if the timing of 17 minutes is an average.

It can’t be a reference to the time taken from the location of the poster. Because this bus shelter’s actually on Old Durham Road.


Today was the second day of our local’s pie festival.

The vegetarian choice is pretty good. Really good.

I quite enjoyed the two vegan pies I sampled tonight. I rate the aloo gobi highly, but the green-filled second pie was very nice too. I’m not sure what was in it, but it was tasty.

When I say green, I’m not referring to anything you can’t buy from Lidl.