Monthly Archives: September 2018


The Worley Almshouses has apparently been closed for a few months. According to the bloke outside who said it was due to reopen a few days ago. He was meeting a mate from Malta there.Anyway, it hasn’t reopened yet. Even worse, a missed opportunity.

If only this had happened next year.Anyway, we found another Sam Smith’s pub, the Botolph Arms.



Every time I walk past this bike stand, I recall the theft of our new bikes.

Unfortunately, at the time, I wasn’t aware that bike theft was a huge problem in Peterborough.

I’m consoling myself with a pint of Punk in the Draper’s Arms, while waiting for the Wortley Almshouses to open.

Attention Seeker

My music player is now back in service after I’ve identified the rogue flac file which made the thing stubbornly refuse to play anything.

So my bus journeys this week have been in the enjoyable company of Felix Hagan and the Family.

A recent festival discovery, they’re now a favourite. Their latest album is Attention Seeker, it’s ridiculously good. We’ll be going to see them play in Leeds in a few weeks, with some festival comrades. Can’t wait.

Detroit Social Club

Really enjoyed the Detroit Social Club gig at the Cluny last night. A sell out and a great atmosphere too.

I bumped into an old mate too, which is weird because he popped into my head earlier in the day.


We knew our small amount of apples would make only a little cider, but there’s actually more than we’d expected.


We made pies. Apple pies. From our tree.

Which is a waste because they should have been involved in cider production.