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The Albion

After meeting a bunch of nice people one night at Northern Kin festival, we promised we’d try out the buskers’ night at the Gin and Ale House (previously, the Albion) in Jarrow.

We’d stopped off at the pub a couple of times in the past, but only for a quick pint in passing.

After a delay of a few weeks, we finally made time for a longer visit last night. For some reason, we decided to walk. With a walk of almost two hours, we stopped off half way for a break at the Cricketers in Bill Quay.

That meant that we arrived a little later than intended, but it was definitely worth the walk. It was more of a traditional buskers’ night, with a more natural feel than the buskers’ nights I was accustomed to in the Schooner. We’ll be back next Thursday, although we might set off earlier.

Sadly, while we did meet up with festival acquaintances, the dog’s festival friend wasn’t there last night. Apparently she’ll be there next week though.

Last night also allowed us to test the challenge of the dog’s visibility in the dark.


I’d planned on a day off today, but did have a couple of things to do in the pub first (till stuff and cleaning surfaces). So I walked to work, did what I needed to do, then took a slow walk home. Because the weather was so nice, I walked over to Newcastle and wandered through Ouseburn.

The place was eerily quiet, with very few people running or cycling, although the city centre was still busy-ish. Not that I can criticise others, since I was out too. In my defence, this is my first walk, other than strictly for work, in three weeks.

Anyway, some pictures of places usually teeming with people on a sunny afternoon.

It’s a little tough in the pub business right now.


My second in command bought me a watch for Christmas. I don’t like eearing a watch, but I do wear one for work.

But, last autumn-ish, I came across this beautiful thing.

Mine’s the one on the left, the middle one’s still in development.

Anyway, it’s pretty just a fitness-type watch, except it’s human powered. By body heat.

I started wearing it on Friday night, so one wouldn’t expect much activity. Wednesday was good, but I did walk across half of Manchester.

So, while Friday might have involved a crash after pressing the wrong buttons together, I think that Saturday may be typical for me

My walk around bars today is clearly my healthiest decision of the week.

A New Year’s Day walk

Many years ago, and only for a few years, I started to get into the habit of taking a walk on New Year’s Day. While it was a good habit to have, it was short lived.

A walk was planned for today and, though it almost didn’t happen, I thought I should make an effort. And it’s been an enjoyable walk so far; so far, replicating my walk of a couple of weeks ago. I don’t intend this walk lasting quite as long as that last one, but it was good to see that the Schooner is open. Well, it’s important to have frequent rests during a long walk. 

My walk may also take me across the Tyne, where I may rest at the Tyne Bar or, possibly, the Free Trade Inn. 

Mr Head

Since my second in command is away, I decided to occupy myself with a walk. I’d already done a little (pitifully so) work in the house, so a nice walk felt right. 

The light was fading already, so the path through the graveyard was a bit creepy. Not that I’m a believer in the afterlife, but it’s still a spooky place in the dark. 

Spooky, but nice. Anyway, I had a pleasant, four mile-ish walk and am now having a rest in the Schooner, with a relaxing pint of Jakehead. 

There’s a roaring fire and an old Beat album is playing. This is truly a great pub, we simply don’t visit often enough and I’m sorely tempted to stay. I shan’t though, I need to continue my exercise after my Jakehead. The Tyne Bar next I think. 

Oh, a bit of Bad Manners  now.