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I’d planned on a day off today, but did have a couple of things to do in the pub first (till stuff and cleaning surfaces). So I walked to work, did what I needed to do, then took a slow walk home. Because the weather was so nice, I walked over to Newcastle and wandered through Ouseburn.

The place was eerily quiet, with very few people running or cycling, although the city centre was still busy-ish. Not that I can criticise others, since I was out too. In my defence, this is my first walk, other than strictly for work, in three weeks.

Anyway, some pictures of places usually teeming with people on a sunny afternoon.

It’s a little tough in the pub business right now.


My second in command bought me a watch for Christmas. I don’t like eearing a watch, but I do wear one for work.

But, last autumn-ish, I came across this beautiful thing.

Mine’s the one on the left, the middle one’s still in development.

Anyway, it’s pretty just a fitness-type watch, except it’s human powered. By body heat.

I started wearing it on Friday night, so one wouldn’t expect much activity. Wednesday was good, but I did walk across half of Manchester.

So, while Friday might have involved a crash after pressing the wrong buttons together, I think that Saturday may be typical for me

My walk around bars today is clearly my healthiest decision of the week.

A New Year’s Day walk

Many years ago, and only for a few years, I started to get into the habit of taking a walk on New Year’s Day. While it was a good habit to have, it was short lived.

A walk was planned for today and, though it almost didn’t happen, I thought I should make an effort. And it’s been an enjoyable walk so far; so far, replicating my walk of a couple of weeks ago. I don’t intend this walk lasting quite as long as that last one, but it was good to see that the Schooner is open. Well, it’s important to have frequent rests during a long walk. 

My walk may also take me across the Tyne, where I may rest at the Tyne Bar or, possibly, the Free Trade Inn. 

Mr Head

Since my second in command is away, I decided to occupy myself with a walk. I’d already done a little (pitifully so) work in the house, so a nice walk felt right. 

The light was fading already, so the path through the graveyard was a bit creepy. Not that I’m a believer in the afterlife, but it’s still a spooky place in the dark. 

Spooky, but nice. Anyway, I had a pleasant, four mile-ish walk and am now having a rest in the Schooner, with a relaxing pint of Jakehead. 

There’s a roaring fire and an old Beat album is playing. This is truly a great pub, we simply don’t visit often enough and I’m sorely tempted to stay. I shan’t though, I need to continue my exercise after my Jakehead. The Tyne Bar next I think. 

Oh, a bit of Bad Manners  now.