Monthly Archives: August 2017


This evening, after a visit to see grandchildren, and with a day off tomorrow, I may have spent too much time with Eddie Noack. 

And some other blokes. I shall endeavour to take (drag) my second in command along one Thursday evening. 

Time was also spent with, Eels, Sam Baker and Cyndi Lauper. 


Apparently, Lenovo aren’t doing doing very well. But they’re still doing ok-ish in a ‘changing’ market. 

Sodhouse Bank Brewery III

I might have to drop the Roman numerals and use something else. Because this damn shed is going to take months. 

I have, however, reduced the side of the hole and pointed the first wall. 

The hole must remain a little longer; I need an additional 90 degree pipe bend. 

Sodhouse Bank Brewery II

Since the stove for the shed arrived a few days ago, a hole needed to be made in the wall. Sadly, the hole didn’t quite work out as I’d planned.

So, the shed wasn’t supposed to have eyes. The stonework was in worse condition than I’d expected and … well … I might have started in the wrong place. 

Yes, the hole on the right, or the left below, wasn’t supposed to be there. 

It kindof looks more like a face (an owl?) from the outside. 

Anyway, the stove pipe now meets the outside world. 

And some stone has been reinstated. I need to let it harden before finishing it it off. Perhaps on Sunday. 


I’ve tried in vain to interest my second in command in history. Ideally, northern history, but I’d settle for a bit of East Midlands Ethelred. 

Fortunately, though, she has (this very evening) acknowledged ancient Roman/northern Britain. 

She does know that a man called Adrian built a wall.

It appears that my attempts to partially de-southernise my second in command may have failed on a collosive scale. 

Apparently, the athletics on TV were interesting this evening. 


After a meeting in Longbenton, with a metro back to town, I’ve just walked up Northumberland Street. 

Now, I do like Newcastle. It’s a small big city and a lot of the buildings are pretty attractive. Generally, it’s a nice place. 

However, most cities in the UK, most cities probably, have a nasty underbelly. Walking up Northumberland Street, I noticed a police car and van, parked close together. Then, on the opposite side of the street, I saw two policemen with a couple of classy gentlemen. They were both probably a lot younger than me, but looked as though years of heavy smoking and drinking, and god knows what else, had aged them prematurely. One was talking to the policemen and was quite animated. He was speaking loudly, but the increased volume didn’t seem to be helping the officers to understand him. The other gentleman appeared to be unwell, he was having problems with remaining upright. 

Within a short distance, two more officers were chatting with another gentleman. One officer must have been cold, he was wearing purple gloves. He seemed to be embracing the man, who also appeared to have a desire to lie down. 

And, now, I have arrived at my destination, the Town Mouse, where I can pass a little time with a very nice pint of beer. Almasty Pilsner on this occasion. 

Well, a man shouldn’t waste an early finish. 


I do quite enjoy sitting in the garden, particularly with a beer after doing something constructive. 

It’s not just about beer after work though; I like to watch bees go about their business. A picture of a bee …

Shed II

The new shed looks a lot better now it’s been painted. 

We could only fit in a 6×4 shed; anything else would have been too imposing. Looking at the two sheds together, the old one is pretty much three times the size of the new one. 

In other news from the garden, the pair of woodpigeons are nesting in the tree again.