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My second in command bought me a watch for Christmas. I don’t like eearing a watch, but I do wear one for work.

But, last autumn-ish, I came across this beautiful thing.

Mine’s the one on the left, the middle one’s still in development.

Anyway, it’s pretty just a fitness-type watch, except it’s human powered. By body heat.

I started wearing it on Friday night, so one wouldn’t expect much activity. Wednesday was good, but I did walk across half of Manchester.

So, while Friday might have involved a crash after pressing the wrong buttons together, I think that Saturday may be typical for me

My walk around bars today is clearly my healthiest decision of the week.

Out there in Ouseburn

On a sunny, but freezing, Sunday, we decided on a walk along the quayside. Attracted by the prospect of vegan yorkshire puddings in the Tyne Bar.

On our way, we stopped off at the Crown Posada, where the only unfined beer was Jakehead. While a little strong for a Sunday, I couldn’t resist.

Unfortunately, the Tyne Bar don’t seem to have perfected vegan puddings, so we opted for a drink instead. My second in command went with Sam Smith’s strawberry beer, while I had an Out There sour. The latter was kindof nice. For a sour beer.

In the Cluny, I decided on an Out There Space is the Place, a beer which first attracted me to the brewer.

Their beer’s mostly vegetarian/vegan and it’s local too.

Yesterday, we visited the Ship, also in Ouseburn, after a trip to the pretty amazing vintage furniture shop around the corner. We didn’t buy furniture, but we did have a gorgeous curry in the Ship.

I’m pretty sure it’s the only vegan pub in Newcastle. I’d love to be wrong though.


I once lived with a smoker. It was horrible. Thankfully, I don’t live with one now.

I couldn’t do that again.

That might seem shallow, but the smell isn’t nice. To a non-smoker, it’s pretty disgusting.

Middle of the night

With a nine o’clock start in Manchester, I had two options. Travel and stay open last night, and perhaps visit a couple of favourite bars, or catch the ridiculously early 5:33 train this morning.

For reasons I now cannot comprehend, I chose the latter. Apparently, that isn’t a common decision with travellers.

I shall resume my sleep now.

Best mates

This afternoon, I met my two best mates for a drink and something to eat.

We last did so nine or ten years ago.

We’re all grown-up now and we’re different people. But it was nice. We probably shouldn’t wait so long before we see each other again.


Andrew is a hero. In South Shields. In McDonalds, where I went to pee. On entering I found security guard protected toilets; also, a young girl warned me to take care because strange things were happening in the Gents.

I barely hesitated, because my need was great. On entering, I found the boyfriend of the girl outsite, unbuttoning a man’s jeans.

I should say that he’d been asked to do so by the wearer of said jeans. Unfortunately, the jeans gentleman also wore jogging bottoms under his outer layer. Apparently, he’d anticipated below zero temperatures.

Worse still, his underlayer involved a tie-cord. Which was firmly fastened in a knot.

Andrew (the boyfriend of the girl outside) asked me for assistance because he bites his nails and struggles with knots. I also bite my nails and find knots an impossibility. I was mid stream at the time too, so helping would have been a challenge.

On leaving the Gents, I located my second in command. Andrew, who followed soon after, confirmed that the knot was undone.

All ended well. Although I suspect the multiple layered man might not have fastened himself back up sufficiently (he seemed to be wearing weed-scented aftershave).

Should I ever bump into Andrew again, I shall buy him beer.

A dozen and a half

The age of my eldest grandchild, that is. With reference to the Lovely Eggs. Who a number of us went to see last night (including said grandchild). Two of the eight weren’t too keen, but six were impressed.The support’s unusually worthy of mention. Because he was ridiculously good; Phil Jupitus.As were the eggs themselves.

Co-ordination of people wasn’t easy, but we all managed to find each other.The toughest part of the night was sneaking my grandchild into bars. But, strangely, not a single person challenged her age. Not that I’d buy alcohol for her (cough).She was struck by the resemblance between the ladies’ sign in the Cumberland Arms and her very own depiction of my second in command some years ago.


Had some pretty good feedback on my prototype web page for my local. Maybe a little over the top, but I’m pleased I’m heading in the right direction.

More work on the live music and charities page next.